Twisted In Wire Brush

As Per Twisted in wire brush,Sometimes we also call it spiral brush, tube brush, bottle brush, pipe brush,etc. Widely used for :

  • Metal Hole Cleaning, Sanding and Deburring.
  • Large or Small Glass Tube/Bottles Cleaning
  • Air and Water Purification System Cleaning
  • Musical Instrument and Medical Equipment Cleaning

Ball-Head Abrasive Brush

This kind of twisted-in-wire, with ball-head Abrasive filament, is mainly for metal hole grinding and deburring.

Metal Hole Cleaning Brushes

Stainless steel or brass filament Twisted-in-wire Brushes, for Drilling Hole Cleaning and Pipe Deburring.

Filter Brushes

Twistedin wire brushes with soft nylon filament, can be used as filter Brushes for Koi Fish Water Cleaning.

Design Your Brush

Above diagram for your reference. Please advice the measurement and fill material. If you have the sample in hand, you can send us pictures and inform the application details. We will work with you to design the brush you need.