Straight Strip Brush

The straight Strip brush is also often called metal channel back brushes, and it can be made to different shape brushes for different application. The straight strip brushes mainly used for door bottom sealing, escalator bottom sealing, Grommet, mailbox sealing, and static dissipation in electronic manufacturing factory,etc.

Weather Strip Brush (Door Sealing Brush)

Nylon bristle door seal weather sealing strip brush for garage door,door frame, door bottom, etc. Normally the holder is aluminum, with “h, F, T” shape optional. We provide variety size and types.

Escalator Safety Brush

The Escalator Safety Brushes are mounted on two sides of the escalator, just above the moving steps. They can gently keep passengers away from the step-to-skirt gap. Escalator Safety Brushes also help to prevent objects from dropping into the gap. This reduces the times of unscheduled repairs and helps to ensure that escalators are running normally.

Brush Grommet

Brush Grommets are widely used in the cabinet, box, office furniture, mailbox,etc, for the cable management, sealing function, and blocking dust.

Vacuum Brush for dust catcher

The vacuum brush is an important spare part for dust catcher, dust vacuum cleaner/sweeper,etc. Filament material Nylon with specially-shape, We can provide all types of vacuum brushes according to the requirement.

Spray Suppressant Brush

Spray suppressant brush is suitable for dust and water spray protection on truck bodies, herbicide or chemical spray heads and many more applications where dust, debris or liquid spray needs to be contained.
When used on truck and trailer bodies the brush directs water and dust back to the road surface below the windscreen level of other traffic and away from the truck’s mirrors.

Design Your Brush

Above diagram for your reference. Please advice the measurement and fill material.

  • Holder Type: T90°, F90°, H180°, OEM acceptable
  • Filament Material: Nylon/ PP/PE/PET/PBT/ Animal hair
  • Holder Material: Aluminum/ Plastic (PVC,TPV,TPE,EPDM)/Iron Steel/Rubber