Wood Handle Brushes

The brush with wooden handle,available with different filament, mainly for civil cleaning, scrubbing, and finishing,etc.

Barbecue Grill Oven Cleaning Brush

The Stainless Steel Filament, with PP handle, Mainly for Barbecue BBQ grill oven cleaning. The Size: 30.5*15cm/12*5.9inch.

Car wheels & tires Cleaning Brush

The Soft Nylon Brushes, specially designed, for car wheel and tires cleaning.

Brass filament Brush

The brushes with customized handle, available with Brass wire and Stainless steel wire, for metal Fence dust removing,etc.

Small Cleaning Brush(ESD)

The small cleaning brushes, can be used to clean the hard-to-reach place, such computer keyboard, Shaver,etc. The brushes are also anti-static, ESD, can be used to clean in electronic repair process.

Electronic Drill Brush Scrubbing Brush

The disk with shank, normally mounted on electronic drill, to scrub the carpet, bathroom, car wheel, floor,etc.

Bathroom Cleaning Brush

The nylon brushes with Stainless steel handle, used to clean the bathroom, toilet,etc. Other type toilet cleaning brushes can be customized according to your design.

Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head

Different type brush head for the vacuum cleaner, We factory can provide the service for hair planting and OEM production.