Rotary Cylinder Brush Roller Brush

Rotary Cylinder Brush

The general applications for any cylinder brush are : Cleaning, Spreading, Dusting, Sanding, and Finishing.

Specific uses field includes: Street & Road Cleaning, Snow Clearing, Carpet Cleaning, Foor Scrubber Robot Spare parts, Conveyor Belt Cleaning, Cow Massaging, Solar Panel Cleaning, etc.

Snow Sweeper Brush

Snow Sweeper Attachment Brushes for snow clearing on street ,road, courtyard, airport, etc, mounted on walk behind snow sweeper or big vehicle.

Solar Panel Cleaning Brush Cylinder Brush Roller

Solar Panel Cleaning Brush

The rotary cylinder brush for solar panel cleaning, normally mounted on cleaning machine. Nylon Filament, different size can be customized according to the requirement.

Rotating Cow Brush Happy Cow Brush

Rotating Cow Brush (Happy Cow Brush)

Rotating cow brushes do more than just scratch an itch they also increase circulation, remove filth and parasites as well as decrease boredom, stress and abnormal behaviors. All of which make for a healthier and happier cow.

Road Sweeper Roller Brush

Road Sweeper Broom Roller Brushes, typically used in Local Government, Councils, Shires, Road Cleaning/Sweeping, Road Construction and the Asphalt / Bitumen Industries.

Floor Robot Cleaner Brush Roller

Floor Robot Cleaner Brush

Small Cylinder Brushes, Spare part for Floor robot cleaner. Customized type and OEM service is available in our factory.

Design Your Brush

Above diagram for staple set cylinder brush (Without Shaft) for your reference. Please advice the measurement and fill material. If you have the sample in hand, you can send us pictures and inform the application details. We will work with you to design the brush you need.